Other Recordings

Here are some older miscellaneous recordings, some from studio, some live.

Studio Session (2003)



Here is my one and only "studio session".


  • Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Unknown.
  • Bass: Pietro Bergamo.
  • Drums: Paulo B.

The song, which I don’t know the name of, was written by the singer, whose name I also don’t know. :-) The lyrics, in Portuguese, are quite nice and I like the song.

This only happened by accident. I was rehearsing with friends, when on vacation in São Paulo (Brazil), in the drummer’s (Paulo B.) studio and left my guitar there for a while after we were done. (I don’t remember if I forgot it there or if I was going somewhere and did not want to carry it around.) When I came back to pick it up, Paulo B. was recording this song with the singer. He asked me if I would record some guitar for it and, since I didn’t have anything to do, I was glad to oblige.

The singer showed me the chords and I went in to record. I’ve done three takes of the whole song (without stopping). The first was bad, both in playing (I was still cold) and in recording. We liked the second and third takes. I then asked to do one more take for the outro solo, but it did not turn out well. Since we were happy with the other takes, we decided to stop there.

I’ve never been so quick to record something and, perhaps because of that, I’m pretty proud of it. :-) (It is not usual for me.) But I also simply like the result.

I also quite like the tone, even though it was done with very cheap gear. The guitar was a Brazilian made “Spanich” (yes, with “ch”), which is not very good at all. But, it had a Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo, Fender tuners and, most importantly, Lindy Fralins PAF pickups, which helped a whole lot. The guitar went through my trusty FD-2 and then to a cheap small transistor Fender combo (I don’t remember the model) they had at the studio. I’ve used its gain channel throughout and only added the FD-2 in the longer fills and outro solo. I’ve also used its own reverb. (If any other effects were added, they were added in the mixing.) I was really amazed that it actually sounded good!

With the two good takes we could chose which one had the best longer fills. (The shorter ones are both from the same take, but I don’t remember which.) We liked both outro solos, but eventually chose the one you hear in here (from the first good take). I wish I had a version with the second good take, as I also liked it. (By the way, I was told that the song would fade out, so I wasn’t too worried about the ending of it.)

Tequila Mockingbird Live (2003-2004)


  • Vocals: Bob McDermott
  • Guitar and Backing Vocals: Tom McFaul
  • Bass and Backing Vocals: Jim Giles
  • Drums: Steve Timm

I played with this band (which still exists, but unfortunately without Tom) when I was living in Santa Barbara, California, and it was a really great band. (My first and only band in the US!) All were good musicians and very nice people! No stress, just fun. :-) I truly enjoyed my time with them! The music was very eclectic, and although many of the songs we played would not have been chosen by me, it was always fun and sounded good. Bob was a great front man and Tom and Jim were very good at backing vocals (an area that was somewhat lacking in most of my previous bands), besides being very good at their own instruments. Steve was also great and had one of the best drum sounds I’ve ever heard (with his fantastic DW set).

These are live recordings, so the sound can be a bit bad at times and there a few mistakes. They were recorded with my current gear.

Carry On Wayward Son


Recorded at the Creekside Tavern, Santa Barbara in 2004.

I am a huge Kansas fan and lobbied for us to play this song! We did not have keyboards, so I played some of the keyboard parts, including the solo. (The main riff is played by Tom, as well as the very last guitar solo.) I played it with the PRS.

This version has a few very evident mistakes, but since I really like the song I wanted to post it anyway. :-)



Recorded at the Creekside Tavern, Santa Barbara in 2004.

We’ve played this Pink Floyd song with a shortened intro. The solo is close to the original. Of course, played on the Suhr Strat. It’s always nice to play David Gilmour’s solos!



Recorded at Dargan’s Pub, Santa Barbara 2004.

This is our version of Stevie Wonder’s classic song. The main riff is played by Tom, while I play some of the horn parts. We’ve added two guitar solos to it (one in the middle and one in the end). I played this one with the PRS.

Parsec Demo (1997)


  • Vocals: Bruno Sant’Anna
  • Bass: Pietro Bergamo
  • Keyboards: Alexandre Torres
  • Drums: Caio (Carlucci? – I am not sure about his last name)

This (and its predecessor, Ponto de Fuga) was the band for me! (It was back in São Paulo, Brazil.) Its name was Ponto de Fuga until the previous singer and drummer left, when we decided to change the name to Parsec.

Pietro, Alexandre and I were (and still are) close friends with very similar taste. In particular, we shared a love for progressive rock and most of the bands I listed above. We played covers from Yes, Genesis, Rush, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Jethro Tull, among others, and wrote our own songs.

Bruno and Caio came in later, but were both excellent!

I can’t say enough good things about all of them, and feel like I might have taken them for granted. Hearing them playing in these recordings is such a pleasure. I am blown away by how good they were (are)!

We recorded these two songs in a rented 24 track studio. We did not have too much money, so we did not have too much time. To make things worse, for what felt like an eternity, we had to wait until some rain storms passed by, as they were affecting the recording gear. On the positive side, Caio recorded his tracks incredibly quickly (and well). I think he must have done two takes per song…

I’ve recorded these songs with a Marshall amp set up (JMP-1 preamp, 9200 power amp and 1960A 4x12 cabinet) and an Alesis Quadraverb for effects. I recorded with a friend’s Fender Strat 54 Reissue, since my guitar at the time (an Ibanez 540S with Seymour Duncan pickups) had just been stolen.

I remember having some initial difficulty getting a decent tone. I had to tweak it while feeling the pressure of the clock ticking. In the end I’ve left the guitar pretty dry, especially on When You Go Away (below). But, other than that, I like the tone in the end.

I was suppose to sing the backing vocals myself, but it was not sounding good (it never did!) and so Bruno himself recorded them, with a much better result that I could ever get!

When You Go Away



  • Lyrics: Augusto Pedralli
  • Music: LF

This is a song that I wrote for another band, called Corsário. (Also a great band! I wish I had some decent recordings of it.) I think is uncharacteristic for Parsec, but we chose as we thought it would have a greater “commercial” appeal. In retrospect, I deeply regret it, as we had much better songs and more representative of our style. (Not that I don’t like this one.)

It pains me to no end that on the very intro of this song I bend a note out of tune. (Which, I must admit, it is not a terribly rare occurrence, but we would certainly have it fixed if we had heard it! The solos were the last things to be recorded and we were all tired and in a hurry.) I also think that the guitar and piano clash a little bit. But, I still like the result. I quite like Pietro’s fretless bass lines!

The lyrics have serious English problems and Bruno’s English is also not that great, but I do quite like his vocals.

Perpetual Love


Credits: Music and lyrics by Pietro Bergamo.

A much better representative of our style and a great song by Pietro! Pietro and Caio really do a fantastic job on this one. Great bass line (as usual) and a great bass solo! Alexandre, also as usual, got some very nice keyboards parts. This one was always so much fun to play!